Martin Cail

Storms & Forms



Kansas City, Mo. On Friday, January 2nd 2015, the Todd Weiner Gallery will host an opening reception for “Storms & Forms” by local artist Martin Cail.

   “You’ve got to just put down color and start chasing it.” Says Kansas City native Martin Cail. Forever identifying as a colorist Cail graduated with a BFA in sculpture from the University of Central Missouri and an MFA in sculpture from Ohio State, when color didn’t play a major role in that particular medium, in the 1990s. “Storms & Forms” at the Todd Weiner Gallery highlights his colorist background through the collection of ink on white board works.

The pieces showcase a chaotic background or halo around the center of the abstract composition. Each work’s center takes form with thin layers of color with a variety of textures. Fluidity is seen through the abstract shapes created through use of different solvents used to loosen up parts of the ink. Cail allows the piece to go it’s own direction. He describes that process as revealing itself to him and he chases it. He doesn’t have a compositional intention at the beginning of his process but the art will divulge itself eventually. The compositions have turned out to be landscapes, moments, memories, a place, an event, or a combination of all of that. Cail explains, “I think the best works of art reveal themselves to you over time and they change as you change because they’re open to experience and interpretations.” Colorist Cail takes a scientific approach to his artwork rather than the writer approach. He believes a writer’s approach to art is to share a message, or to teach, where as a scientist’s approach is to find answers or solutions and learn through the work. Coming from the scientist methodology Cail doesn’t always know what he’s chasing other than some truth that he understands but can’t put a face to it.

Starting his artistic career with sculpture and that process of physicality and control Cail has moved towards having less direct power over the outcome of the work and in finding that balance the ink on white board collection allows the viewer to identify and grow with each piece individually.

“Storms & Forms” by Martin Cail will be on view at TWG January 2nd – January 31st 2015. The opening reception will be held from 5:00-10:00 pm, First Friday January 2nd 2015, at 115 West 18th St, Kansas City, Mo., 64108. Gallery Hours: W-F 11:00 am-5: 30 pm and Saturday 11:00 am-3:00pm.