March 2016


Kanas City, Mo. On Friday, March 4th, 2016 from 5-10 pm the Todd Weiner Gallery will host the exhibition opening for Image as Metaphor by Ole Lislerud which will run through Saturday, April 30th, 2016. Todd Weiner Gallery is an approved destination on the NCECA visitors guide and will host Ole Lislerud as a part of the NCECA convention running from March 16th-19th.

Ole Lislerud is a prominent and important ceramicist both within Norway and internationally. He is a large proponent in elevating ceramics to a category of the fine arts. Lislerud has received numerous awards including a 2015 grant for an international residency from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Professionally, Lislerud filled more than seventy public and private commissions around the globe. 

In the words of LIslerud, "Image as Metaphor uses an artistic approach to highlight an existential dimension of our common global existence, but also to allude to the rapidly widening gap between rich and poor worldwide and especially in the US, where the average income has fallen dramatically in recent years." Visually the series contains large-scale porcelain panels comprised of gestural abstract work emblazoned her silkscreen imagery. Image as Metaphor utilizes a primary palette represented in Global Financial Crises

Todd Weiner Gallery will unveil a new private gallery space March 4th, 2016. During the NCECA exhibition the gallery will feature ceramic works from many local ceramic masters including: Jim Leedy, Mac McClanahan, Don Kottmann and Dennis Lee Mitchell.