Ian Young                                  

"Game On" June 2015


Kansas City, Mo. On Friday, June 5, 2015, the Todd Weiner Gallery will host a reception for “Game On!” by Ian Young.

Provocative, humorous, and sometimes cynical are three words Ian Young uses to describe his reimagined larger than life games. Young challenges viewers to reexamine society through fresh and original art. His hyper-sensational works utilize distinct, vibrant color palletes to resonate the complex imagery he layers onto the canvas.

A native of Kansas and the outskirts of Kansas City, Ian Young began his passionate pursuit of the arts in his early twenties. At 21, his father, master architectural and scale painter Michael Young, took him under his wing and passed down his knowledge of perspective. Ian adapted these skills to create a universally appealing body of work. This has resulted in the sale of works clear across the United States. Young creates popular game boards and other recognizable games to strike a chord with a variety of many different people. He says, “There is something nice about being able to reach any age, race, or gender.”

Each canvas is configured to lead the viewer directly into the action of the game. Classic arcade games like Pong invite spectators to gather around the nostalgic rendition of former favorites. Conversely, Young tackles new age video games and board game classics like Trivial Pursuit resulting in multigenerational spectacle. “Game On!” by Ian Young at Todd Weiner Gallery will bring together the familiar crisp images of animation with playful colorful in tightly arranged giant original paintings.