August 2016


Kansas City, Mo. On Friday, August, 5th 2016 from 5-10 PM the Todd Weiner Gallery will host the exhibition opening for Contemporary Color Fields including artists Martin Cail, Patrick Schmidt, Eric Sall, Jim Sajovic, and Gehry Kohler, which will run through Saturday, August 27th, 2016.

The August Exhibition will feature a contemporary view of “Color Field” painting. The style emerged in New York City during the 1940s and 1950s and is typically characterized by large fields of flat, solid color spread across or stained into the canvas. During the next forty years, Color Field Painting continued to evolve. In 1970, painter Jules Olitski discussed his thoughts on the term in relation to painting. He said, “Painting has to do with a lot of things. Color is among the things it has to do with. It has to do with surface. It has to do with shape, it has to do with feelings which are more difficult to get at.” The shift in what it meant to create a Color Field painting opened the door for artists to evolve keeping the principles in mind.

Contemporary Color Fields, at the Todd Weiner Gallery, will feature works from five artists who follow the guises of Color Field artists before them. Patrick Schmidt, a Pittsburgh, PA based artist, harkens to the style of Constructivism to create a series of interlocking shapes juxtaposing colors from a limited palette to create a sense of movement and exploration in the work. Carousel, a painting in the show relies on the underlying blues to communicate a feeling of excitement and energy.