Claudia Garcia Peña

"Cuatro Estaciones" (Four Seasons) January 2016


Kansas City, Mo. On Friday, January 1st, 2016 from 5-10 pm the Todd Weiner Gallery will host the exhibition opening for Cuatro Estaciones by Claudia Garcia Peña which will run through Saturday, January 30th, 2016.

The essence of a season is felt emotionally. Capturing the subtle differences between the seasons and translating this emotion to canvas is what Claudia Garcia Peña achieves in Cuatro Estaciones. 

Garcia Peña is a native of Mexico who moved to Kansas City. In Mexico, she studied at the Academy of San Carlos and the National School of Fine Art in Mexico City. Garcia Peña studied under highly regarded instructors who encouraged her to refine her art practice. She collaborated with Diego Rivera's grandson to teach special mural classes within the school systems to teens in Mexico City for the Diego Rivera Foundation. 

When Garcia Peña came to Kansas City, she experienced the seasons for the first time. Taking stylistic questions from many Modern masters, the artist has created a collection of works representing her impression of the four seasons. In "Nocturno," she depicts a wintery moon shimmering behind a barren branch. An arrangement of geometric rectangles and alternating colors are used to evoke the luminosity of the moon during the winter months. Garcia Peña uses a narrow color palette in the depiction of the four seasons highlighting the subtly between the seasons rather than the glaring differences.